William set out to prove one thing, not that things happen for a reason but that those things can have a purpose. William also realizes that talking about himself in the third person makes him feel like a tool =D

There's an illusion to Hollywood that you have to live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse. Many young people come here and do that without ever leaving the mark they intended. There's a false romantic flair that says to be really successful you must live a painful train wreck of a life. In my short few years here I've learned that's so very far from the truth.

I'm very fortunate to have met so many people that love the craft and live good lives. In fact I'd say that living a good life and surrounding yourself with good people is exactly the success to a good career. I look at some of my idols and that's what I see. BBQ's filled with long time friends all pitching in. Independent screenings filled with people where you can't tell whose relationship is personal vs. professional. That's how I measure success. 

I was looking for a job a few years back and I interviewed for a position selling signs. It was a small business in a tiny office with dark wooden paneling you usually only see in trailer homes. Not that I'm knocking trailer homes mind you. Some of my best memories were there as a kid =D But I digress. I interviewed with a man that had a very grandfather like quality. He said simply, "I sell signs. It's not good or bad but I don't rip people off and they're better off when I leave them." He was happy. Truly happy and he just sold signs. I didn't take the job so I could still do what truly made me happy. As long as I feel about acting the way he did about signs I know I'm doing the right thing.